Mitsubishi paint code location

Mitsubishi paint codes are normally placed on either the underside of the bonnet or on the front of the engine bay, you will usually find the Colt paint code on the dirvers/passenger side door jamb. Most Mitsubishi paint codes are 3 digits long and usually begin with a letter followed by 2 numbers and is preceeded by "EXT".

If you can't find your paint code on the car your local Mitsubishi dealership (parts department) will be able to tell you your paint code from your registration or chasis number.

Mitsubishi paint code location

Mitsubishi paint code example

If the two codes above differ in the second image then the correct colour code is the higher one after the EXT (external). The colour code is always just after EXT and not after COLOUR INT (internal colour).

Mitsubishi paint code  Mitsubishi paint code